Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Programme

Dubai Public Beaches

Dubai’s beaches have been always a top tourist attraction where beach goers enjoy the sunshine, the crystal clear water as well as the water sports.

Eight public beaches have received the Blue Flag certification which reflects a clean, safe and well-maintained environment to enjoy.

Lifeguard service is available on the day beaches from sunrise to sunset.

Explore the Public Blue Flag Beaches:

Coordinates: Lat: 25.15° Long: 55.19°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.16° Long: 55.20°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.18° Long: 55.22°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.21° Long: 55.24°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.22° Long: 55.25°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.31° Long: 55.34°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.31° Long: 55.35°

Coordinates: Lat: 25.08° Long: 55.13°